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 Our Nitrogen quick freezing process, developed to maintain the flavor of our products intact.

Our one stage nitrogen quick freezing has allowed our company to be very particular about the freshness of our products. In particular, brine frozen snow crabs often lose that wonderful fresh flavor and taste after being defrosted.

At ICHIBOSHI L.P.C. we use a specialized nitrogen cryogenic freezing process (one stage freezing) for all of our "CRABS" products immediately after they are caught and processed. This process does not damage the tissue, and locks in that great fresh flavor our customers have come to expect from us.

When freezing perishable products, 80% of the water content turns to ice crystals at between -5°C and -10°C. However, the size of the ice crystals depends on the length of time spent between 0°C and -5°C (the maximum ice crystallization range). The slower a product is frozen, the larger the ice crystals will become, which will have a large impact on the Quality of the product once it is defrosted. Therefore, the Quality of frozen food products depends largely on how fast this maximum ice crystallization range can be exceeded. Using nitrogen quick freezing, liquid nitrogen evaporates at -196°, and that evaporation can be used to instantly freeze a product through to its center. By using cryogenic temperature control to shorten the amount of time spent in the maximum ice crystallization range, the size of ice crystals is reduced and the product can be frozen without damaging the tissue and affecting Quality. This makes the process perfect for crabs and lobsters and other marine products where the meat is encased within a thick shell.

Product Quality guaranteed by being the first Canadian Fisheries Commission member to obtain ISO 9001 certification

ICHIBOSHI L.P.C. is the first company in the Canadian marine products industry to receive ISO certification in order to better maintain international Quality control standards. We believe that this speaks to the dedication of our Japanese staff carrying out meticulous operations and safety measures and their contributions to regional industry.

ISO 9002(currently assimilated into ISO 9001) is an international standard for Quality management and Quality assurance established in 1987. It is used as the domestic standard for over 100 countries worldwide, and the obtainment of this certification has become more and more common in Japan as well.

As of 2008, there are no other ISO9001 certified snow crab processing factories in Canada other than ICHIBOSHI L.P.C. LTD.

  • Item name is “Flower” for sashimi. CRABS is the originator by freezing in the world.

  • Big difference N2 Frozen and Air-blast freezing.

  • ISO9001:2000

  • A snow crab different by each.

  • Canada has one of the world's most respected fish inspection and Quality control systems.

  • Each Scaling.

  • CRABS is differentiated product with many difference.

  • White tanks for Nitrogen.

  • Every part of management is very important.

  • Enough freezing for Quality.

  • Taste is different by size of the ice crystals.


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