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“Global Direct” Delivering fresh, premium-Quality food products all around the world.

To fulfill this mission of our company, we are aiming to understand our customers' wide-ranging needs and offer them high Quality products meeting their needs, while continuing to improve our knowledge and wisdom to look far ahead into the future of our industry.

Today, Japan and other countries throughout the world have indispensably required their marine products and other food materials to be “directly” supplied on a “global” basis. To respond to such requirements, ICHIBOSHI, has set up corporate concept “Global Direct” to directly supply fresh high-Quality and better-processed food materials to our customers across the world through its directly-managed overseas production base, proudly providing them with well-thought-out services different from those provided by major trading houses and conventional wholesalers and establishing a new food culture.

We are also committed to the development of technologies to enhance the freshness and added-value of food materials and a better distribution system to enable effective utilization of such valuable resources, thereby achieving coexistence with nature.

We will continue to promote our 21st-century concept “Global Direct” to display appreciation and respect for nature, while achieving stable supply of food materials offered by nature.

  • Canada, where our overseas affiliate is operating, is well known for its severe environmental protection and nature conservation control, “strictly prohibiting” the catch of crabs smaller than its established legal size limit and female crabs.

  • We are always committed to careful conservation of valuable resources, while making our best efforts to maximize the deliciousness of crabs and supply them to the world.

  • ICHIBOSHI, translated as “A Star” in English, is one of enterprises calling attention of the world to the Japan's high Quality standards.


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