The source of our “CRABS” brand products is ICHIBOSHI L.P.C.

ICHIBOSHI L.P.C. carries out reliable operations in New Brunswick, one of the three top snow crab sources in the world, located in the center of eastern Canada and the source of our "CRABS" brand products.

In addition to being the processing facility for our "CRABS" production source direct products, it is also the base of "Global Direct" 21 century theme operations.

At ICHIBOSHI L.P.C., snow crab is quick frozen through a unique process as soon as they are caught and delivered fresh to Japan, America and the rest of the world. ICHIBOSHI L.P.C. plays an integral role in stable provision of our high Quality, added value products and is of the utmost importance to our company which is established at the core of the wholesale, manufacturing, and food service industries.

Not just a processing manufacturer, this is our production source local lead-off base for the marine industry, and Ichiboshi in actively involved in this high value added product manufacturer.

  • High Quality bull snow crabs caught in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

  • Plant is the same red as CRABS trademark, and is in a port.

  • 2 white tanks for Nitrogen. Our freezing process keeps all freshness intact.

  • Snow crabs are caught in traps.

  • Only males reach legal catch size.

  • Rich natural resources of Canada.

  • It supports many staff.

  • For you.

  • -196° Nitrogen keep Umami, juice inside.

  • Shipped by reefer containers.

  • To around the world.


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